Zabulon Hebrew to exhalt, honor
Zaccheo Hebrew the one God remembers
Zachariah Remembered by the Lord.
Zacharias Remembered by the Lord.
Zachary Hebrew The Lord has remembered.
Zadok Hebrew Just, righteous.
Zador Hungarian violent
Zafar Arabic The triumphant one.
Zafer Turkish
Zagger unknown
Zagon Hungarian
Zahin Hindu
Zahir Arabic Shining, radiant.
Zahneny Hebrew Wise and peaceful.
Zahur Egyptian a flower
Zaid African increase, growth
Zaide Yiddish elder
Zajzon Hungarian
Zakai Aramaic, Hebrew innocent, one who is pure
Zaki Arabic Pure.
Zalen Hungarian thrower, hitter
Zale Old English To sell, or a salary.
Zalman Yiddish Wise and peaceful.
Zamir Hebrew A songbird.
Zamor Hungarian plough-land
Zander Greek The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Zane Hebrew God is gracious. A boy or girl's name.
Zanebono Italian the good one
Zani Albanian
Zaniel Latin angel of mondays
Zanipolo Italian little gift of God
Zann Hebrew
Zanobi Latin scarsly alive
Zarend Hungarian gold
Zared Hebrew An ambush.
Zarek Greek may God protect the king
Zavier Arabic/Spanish Arabic: Bright. Spanish: Of the new house.
Zayden Hebrew
Zazu Hebrew movement
Zbigniew Slavonic To get rid of anger. A common Polish name.
Zdenek Czech one from Sidon, a winding sheet
Zebadiah Hebrew Gift of the Lord.
Zebedeo Aramaic servant of God
Zebulon Hebrew home
Zebulun Hebrew Exaltation or the dwelling place. One of the sons of Leah and Jacob in the Bible.
Zechariah Hebrew The Lord has remembered.
Zedekiah Hebrew The justice of the Lord.
Zeeman Dutch A sailor or seaman.
Zefirino Greek wind of spring
Zeke Hebrew God strengthens, or the strength of God. From the name Ezekiel.
Zeki Turkish
Zeko Hungarian
Zelig Jewish Blessed fortunate.
Zelipe Aragonese
Zelman Hebrew Wise and peaceful.
Zelotes Greek Zealous.
Zenas Greek Living.
Zennor Cornish The name of a village. A boy or girl's name.
Zeno Greek A stranger.
Zenoa Hebrew
Zenobio Greek strength of Jupiter
Zenon Greek A stranger.
Zenos Greek A stranger.
Zephan Hebrew treasured by God
Zephaniah Hebrew Hidden by God.
Zeren Turkish
Zerind Hungarian Serb
Zero Greek seeds
Zeroun Armenian A sage.
Zetany Hungarian
Zeth Greek investigator, researcher
Zeus Greek The father of the Gods, or living. The ruler of the heavens in ancient Greek mythology.
Zev Hebrew, Hindu deer, wolf
Zia Arabic Splendour or ripened grain. A boy or girl's name.
Ziff Hebrew wolf
Ziggy Slavonic To get rid of anger. A common Polish name.
Zigmond Teutonic A victorious protector.
Zigmund Teutonic A victorious protector.
Zion Hebrew a sign
Zircon Persian A mineral name.
Ziv Hebrew Full of life.
Ziven Slavic vigorous and alive
Zoard Hungarian
Zobor Hungarian gathering
Zoello Greek son of Zoe
Zoilo Greek lively
Zoland Hebrew
Zoltan Arabic A ruler or sultan. A popular Hungarian name.
Zombor Hungarian buffalo
Zoran Slavonic Of the dawn.
Zoroaster Persian A golden star.
Zorro Slavic golden dawn
Zosimo Greek lively
Zotico Greek lively
Zowie Gaelic
Zsigmond Hungairan victorious defender
Zsolt Hungarian name of an honor
Zubin Hebrew The exalted one.
Zuriel Hebrew God is my foundation.
Zurl Hebrew

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