Vachel Old French A little cow or one who raises cows.
Vaclav Czech Czech form of Wenceslas.
Vadim Russian A powerful ruler.
Vahe Armenian victor
Vaibhav Hindu
Vail Old English From the valley.
Vairaja Hindu son of Virat
Valdemar Slavonic A powerful ruler.
Valentin Danish/French/Swedish Strong, healthy.
Valentine Latin Strong, healthy. The name of a 3rd-century saint. A boy or girl's name.
Valentino Italian Strong, healthy.
Valeray Old French, Latin valor, strong
Valerian Latin Strong and powerful.
Vallis Old French The Welshman.
Valter Teutonic A mighty ruler.
Vamana Sanskrit Deserving praise.
Van Dutch Generally a prefix to a surname, but also used as a first name. Also from the name Ivan.
Vance Old English A thresher.
Vane Old English From the marsh or fen.
Vaninadh Hindu Husband of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge)
Vanya Russian Eastern European form of John. From the name Ivan.
Varad Hungarian From the fortress.
Varden Old French From the green hills.
Varian Latin The changeable one.
Varick Icelandic/Tuetonic Icelandic: A sea drifter. Tuetonic: A protecting ruler.
Variya Hindu excellent one
Varkony Hungarian name of an Avar ethnic group
Varocher French
Varrius From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Varsony Hungarian name of an ethnic group
Vartan Armenian A rose.
Varun Hindu lord of the waters
Varuna Sanskrit The God of the night sky.
Vasant Hindu
Vasava Hindu Indra
Vasilios Greek with royal blood, regal
Vasily Russian Royal, kingly.
Vasu Hindu
Vasudev Hindu
Vasudeva Sanskrit The father of the God Krishna.
Vasuman Hindu born of fire
Vaughan Welsh Small.
Vavrin Czech laurel
Vavrinec Czech Lawrence
Vayk Hungarian rich
Vazsony Hungarian
Vedanga Hindu vedas
Vedmundr Scandinavian
Veer Hindu
Veit Dutch Dutch form of Guy.
Vekoslav Slavonic Eternal glory.
Vencel Slavic wreath, glory
Vencentio Italian Conqueror, victor.
Venec Breton Gwenneg, Guinoux, Guethenoc, Gwezhenneg
Venn Old English From the marsh or fen.
Ventidius From Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens and Antony & Cleopatra
Vere Latin Faithful and loyal.
Vered Hebrew A rose.
Verges From Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing.
Verner Latin/Scandinavian Latin: Springlike. Scandinavian: The protecting army or warrior.
Vernon Latin Springlike, youthful.
Verrell French Honest.
Viau Breton lively
Victor Latin Winner, conqueror. Also see Vincent.
Vid German sylvan man
Vidal Latin Vital, lively. Also see Vitus and Vivian.
Vidor Hungarian Cheerful.
Vidvan Hindu scholar
Vidya Sanskrit Knowledge. A boy or girl's name.
Vijay Sanskrit Strong and victorious.
Vikas Hindu progress
Vikram Hindu glorious king
Vikrant Hindu
Viktor Czech/German/Polish/Scandinavian The conqueror. Also see Vincent.
Vilem Czech A strong and resolute protector.
Vilhehn Scandinavian A strong and resolute protector.
Viljalmr Scandinavian
Vilmos Hungarian A strong and resolute protector.
Vimal Sanskrit Pure.
Vinay Hindu good behaviour
Vince Latin Conqueror, victor.
Vincent Latin Conqueror, victor.
Vincentio Italian Conqueror, victor.
Vineet Hindu
Vinnie Latin Conqueror, victor.
Vinny Latin Conqueror, victor.
Vinod Hindu
Vinson Latin Conqueror, victor.
Vipin Hindu
Vipul Hindu
Viraj Hindu
Virasana Hindu
Virat Hindu supreme being
Virgil Latin Strong.
Visant Breton
Vishal Hindu
Vishnu Sanskrit The protector. An important Hindu God.
Visvajit Hindu one who conquers the universe
Visvakarman Hindu architect, son of Yogasiddha
Visvayu Hindu brother of Amavasuand Satayu
Viswanath Hindu
Vitale Latin Lively. Also see vitus and Vivian.
Vitoz Hungarian brave warrior
Vito Latin conquerer
Vittore Italian The conqueror. Also see Vincent.
Vittorio Spanish The conqueror. Also see Vincent.
Vitus Latin Life. The name of a Sicilian child saint. Also see Vitale and Vivian.
Vivatma Hindu universal soul
Vivek Hindu
Vivian Latin Gracious in life or lively. A boy or girl's name.
Vladilen Russian
Vladimir Slavonic Prince. A powerful ruler.
Vladislav Slavonic A glorious ruler. Also see Ladislav.
Volf Jewish Jewish form of Wolfe. .
Volker German
Volney Teutonic Of the people.
Voltimand From Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Vortigern Celtic A great king.
Voteporix Latin
Vougay Breton Vouga, Nonna
Vyasa Sanskrit The arranger.
Vyvyan Cornish From an old surname. A boy or girl's name.

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