Uba African wealthy
Ubul Hungarian
Udeh Hebrew praise
Udell Anglosaxon From the valley of the Yew trees.
Udit Hindu
Udo German Prosperity, fortune.
Udolf Old English A prosperous wolf.
Uehudah Hebrew
Ufuk Turkish
Ugo Italian Italian form of Hugh. Heart and mind.
Ugod Hungarian name of a clan
Ugor Hungarian Hungarian
Ugur Turkish
Uilleam Scottish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic form of William. A strong and resolute protector.
Uisdean Scottish
Uland Teutonic The noble land.
Ulbrecht Teutonic Noble splendour.
Ulf Swedish Wolf-like, courageous.
Ulffr Scandinavian
Ulfred Old English/Teutonic Peace.
Ulmer Old English A famous wolf.
Ulprus Latin
Ulrich Teutonic A ruler.
Ultan Irish From an old Gaelic name.
Ulucan Turkish
Ulysses Greek The angry one, wrathful. The famous wanderer of Homer's odyssey.
Umar Arabic Flourishing, long-lived.
Umberto Italian A famous warrior.
Unai Basque
Unni Norse modest
Unwin Old English The enemy.
Upen Hindu
Upendra Hindu an element
Upor Hungarian
Upravda Slavonic The upright one.
Upton Old English From the upper farm or town.
Upwood Old English From the forest on the hill.
Urban Latin A city dweller. The name of several early saints and popes.
Uren Welsh
Uri Russian God is light. Also see Uriel.
Uriah Russian God is light. A biblical name that is best known from the Charles Dickens character Uriah Heep in David Copperfield. Also see Uriel.
Urie Russian God is light. Also see Uriel.
Uriel Hebrew Light. Also see Uriah.
Urien Welsh Have privileged birth, or born in the town.
Urjavaha Hindu of the Nimi dynasty
Uros Hungarian little lord
Ursel Latin A bear. The masculine version of Ursula.
Urson Old French from Latin A little bear.
Urvan Latin A city dweller.
Usamah Arabic
Ushnisha Sanskrit A crown.
Usko Finnish Faith.
Usman Arabic An Ottoman Turk, or a servant of God.
Utah The name of an American State. A boy or girl's name.
Utt Arabic wise and kind
Uttam Hindu 3rd Manu
Uttanka Hindu
Utz Teutonic A ruler.
Uwain Welsh
Uwan Aboriginal To meet.
Uwe Scandinavian A well-known Scandinavian name.
Uxio Galician
Uyeda Japanese From the Rice field.
Uzi Hebrew My strength.
Uzor Hungarian name of an ethnic group
Uzziah Hebrew The power or strength of God.

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