Yadon Hebrew he will judge
Yael Hebrew A wild goat. A boy or girl's name.
Yahto Native American blue
Yakecan Dene Indian sky, song
Yakov The modern Jewish and Russian form of Jacob. Held by the heel.
Yale Old English/Tuetonic Old English: From the corner of the land. Tuetonic: The one who pays.
Yan Hebrew God?s grace
Yancy Native American The Englishman. The word later became `Yankee'.
Yanis Hebrew God's gift
Yannick French Yannig, Vann
Yannis Greek Greek form of John.
Yaphet Hebrew Youthful.
Yardley Old English From the enclosed meadow.
Yarin Hebrew to understand
Yarn Breton Form of John.
Yarran Aboriginal An Acacia tree.
Yasar Arabic
Yash Hindu
Yashodhar Hindu Yashodhara
Yashovarman Hindu
Yashpal Hindu
Yasir Arabic Wealthy.
Yasuo Japanese peaceful one
Yates Middle English The keeper of the gates.
Yazid Arabic Ever increasing.
Yefrem Russian Fruitful. One of the sons of Joseph in the Bible.
Yehuda Jewish The praised one.
Yehudi Hebrew Praise to the Lord or aperson from Judah. A boy or girl's name.
Yener Turkish
Yered Hebrew Form of Jared.
Yerik Russian appointed by God
Yervant Armenian an Armenian king
Yeshaya Hebrew
Yeshe Tibetan/Sherpa Wise one.
Yestin Welsh Welsh form of Justin. Just or true.
Yevgeni Russian The noble, well-bon one.
Yigael Hebrew God will redeem.
Yigit Turkish
Yileen Aboriginal A dream.
Yitzaak Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Yitzak Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Yngvar Norse of Ing?s army
Ynyr Welsh Honour.
Yobachi African pray to God
Yoel Hebrew The Lord is God.
Yogendra Hindu
Yogesh Hindu
Yogi Japanese one of the yoga practice
Yona Hebrew/Native American Hebrew: A dove. Native American: A bear. A boy or girl's name.
Yong Korean The brave one.
Yoram Hebrew The Lord is exalted.
Yorick Greek A tiller of the soil (farmer). From the name George.
York Celtic/Old English Celtic: The farm of the Yew tree. Old English: A boar farm.
Yosef Hebrew God shall add.
Yoshifumi Japanese
Yoshimitsu Japanese
Yoshiyuki Japanese
Ysgarran Welsh
Yuan Chinese The original.
Yudhajit Hindu
Yuka Aboriginal A tree.
Yukio Japanese gets what he wants, God will nourish
Yul Latin A Roman family name, possibly meaning youthful. Born in July.
Yule Old English Born at Christmas.
Yuma Native American The son of a chief.
Yuri Aboriginal/Japanese/Russian Aboriginal: To hear. Also the Russian form of George. A boy or girl's name.
Yusuf Arabic Arabic form of Joseph.
Yutaka Japanese
Yves French The little archer.

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