Aakarshan Hindu attraction
Aaron Hebrew Exalted. Aaron was the brother of Moses in the Bible.
Abaddon Hebrew Destruction.
Abba Hebrew A father.
Abban Latin White.
Abbas Arabic Stern.
Abbott Old English The father of the abbey.
Abdel Arabic servent
Abdiel Hebrew The servant of God. Faithful servant.
Abdieso Persian
Abdul Arabic The son of, or servant of.
Abdullah Arabic The servant of Allah.
Abe Hebrew Father of a multitude.
Abejundio Spanish relating to the abaje (bee)
Abel Hebrew A breath. A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
Abelard Teutonic Nobly resolute.
Abenzio Celtic
Abercio Latin
Abernethy Scottish Gaelic The mouth of the Nethy River.
Abhay Hindu a son of Dharma
Abhi Hindu
Abhijit Hindu a constellation dear to Hari
Abhinav Hindu
Abhishek Hindu
Abhorson From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Abi Turkish An elder brother.
Abie Hebrew Breath, or the son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
Abiel Hebrew God is the father.
Abijah Hebrew The Lord is my father.
Abir Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: The fragrant one. Hebrew: Strong.
Abisha Hebrew God's gift.
Abner Hebrew Father of light. A biblical name.
Abraham Hebrew Father of a multitude.
Abram High father.
Abrasha Hebrew father
Absalom Arabic The father of peace. A son of David in the Bible. Also see Axel.
Abudemio Assyrian
Abundiantus Latin plentiful
Acacio Hebrew the Lord holds
Acario Latin ungrateful
Accursius Latin to hasten
Ace Latin Unity.
Acelin French Noble.
Achilles Greek A handsome figure in Greek mythology.
Achyuta Hindu a name of Vishnu
Ackerley Old English A dweller in the meadow.
Ackley Old English A dweller in the Oak tree meadow.
Acton Old English From the settlement with Oak trees.
Acuzio Latin sharp
Adair Scottish Gaelic From the Oak tree near the ford.
Adalardo Celtic noble
Adalgiso Old German noble hostage
Adalrico Latin, Old German noble, powerful and rich
Adam Hebrew A man of the red earth. According to the Bible, the first man.
Adar Hebrew Fire.
Addai Hebrew man of god
Addison Old English Son of Adam. A man of the red earth.
Addo Teutonic, Hebrew happy, ornament
Adeben Ghanese twelfth-born son
Adeipho Greek A brother.
Adel Teutonic Noble.
Adelais Latin noble
Adelard Teutonic Nobly resolute.
Adelbert Old German famous for nobility
Adelfried Old German who protects the descendants
Adelino Old German noble
Adelmo Old German noble protector
Adelphos Greek brother
Ademaro Old German glorious in battle
Aden Arabic Fiery one.
Adeodatus Latin given by God
Adhamh Irish/Scottish A man of the red earth. According to the Bible, the first man.
Adin Hebrew Sensual.
Adir Hebrew Noble, majestic.
Adiran Latin of the adriatic
Aditya Hindu lord of the sun
Adlai Hebrew My witness. A biblical name.
Adler Teutonic An eagle. A man of keen perception.
Adley Hebrew just
Admes Greek
Admon Hebrew red peony
Adnan Arabic The settler.
Adney Old English A dweller on the island.
Adolfo Wolf.
Adolph Teutonic Wolf.
Adon Hebrew The Lord.
Adoni Aboriginal The sunset.
Adonis Greek In mythology, the handsome youth loved by Venus.
Adony Hungarian
Adrastos Greek undaunted
Adrian Latin Dark, rich.
Adriel Hebrew From God's congregation.
Aegeon From Shakespeare's play Comedy of Errors
Aemilius From Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus.
Aeneas Greek The praised one.
Aeolus Greek In mythology, the ruler of the winds.
Aeron Welsh An unusual boy's name.
Aetos Greek eagle
Afro Latin from Africa
Agabo Hebrew
Agamemnon From Shakespeare's play Troilus & Cressida.
Agatone Greek good, kind
Agilard Teutonic Bright.
Agosto Italian Venerable, the exalted one.
Agrippa From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Agu Nigerian A leopard.
Agustin Spanish Venerable, the exalted one.
Ahab Hebrew An uncle. A king of Israel in the Bible.
Ahearn Irish Gaelic A horsekeeper, or a steward.
Ahmed Arabic Most highly praised.
Ahmik Hebrew strength of gods flock
Ahren Teutonic An eagle.
Aidan Irish Gaelic The little fiery one.
Aiken Old English Little Adam.
Ailen Old English made of oak
Aimery Teutonic industrious ruler
Aimon French from Teutonic A house.
Aindreas Scottish Scottish Gaelic form of Andrew. Manly, courageous.
Ainsley Old English/Scottish A meadow or clearing. Also a unisex name.
Aitan Hebrew, African fights of possession
Ajani Nigerian The victor.
Ajatashatru Hindu a name of Vishnu
Ajax Greek The legendary hero of the Trojan War.
Ajayi Yoruban, Nigerian born face-down
Ajit Hindu
Ajitabh Hindu
Akaash Hindu sky
Akama Aboriginal A whale.
Akando Native American ambush
Akbar Arabic Great.
Akello Ugandan I have bought
Akil Arabic Intelligent.
Akim Russian Russian form of Joachim. Established by God.
Akira Japanese Intelligent.
Akiva Hebrew The supplanter.
Akiyama Japanese The autumn, and mountain.
Akram Arabic Generous, noble.
Aksel Norwegian The father of peace. A form of Absalom.
Akshay Hindu name of a God
Al Irish and Scottish Gaelic Handsome.
Aladdin Arabic A servant of Allah.
Alan Irish and Scottish Gaelic Handsome.
Aland English bright as the sun
Alarbus From Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus.
Alard Teutonic A noble ruler.
Alaric Teutonic The ruler of all.
Alasdair Scottish Protector of men.
Alastair Scottish Protector of men.
Alban Latin Fair complexioned. A saint's name.
Alber Teutonic A quick mind.
Alberich Teutonic The king of the dwarfs in German legend.
Albern Old English A noble warrior.
Albert Teutonic Noble, bright.
Albin Latin Fair complexioned. A saint's name.
Albion Latin White. Also an old name for England.
Alcander Greek strong
Alcibiades From Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens.
Alcott Old English From the stone cottage.
Alden Old English An old, wise friend.
Alder Old English The Alder tree.
Alderney English One of the Channel Isles.
Aldous Teutonic Old, wise or great.
Aldred Old English A great counsellor.
Aldrich Old English An old, wise ruler.
Aldridge Old English From the Alder tree ridge.
Aldwin Old English An old, wise friend.
Aldwyn Old English An old, wise friend.
Alec Greek The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Aled Welsh Offspring.
Alejandro Spanish The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Aleron Latin An eagle.
Aleser Arabic lion
Alessandro Italian The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Alex The defender, or helper of mankind. A form of Alexander, but also used as an independent name.
Alexander Greek Protector of men.
Alexas From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Alexis Greek The protector and helper of mankind. A boy or girl's name.
Alfons German Noble and ready.
Alfonso Teutonic Noble and ready.
Alford Old English From the old ford.
Alfred Old English Counsellor.
Alger Old English A noble spearman.
Algernon French With whiskers, bearded.
Algren unknown
Ali Arabic Exalted, or noble. A boy or girl's name.
Alika Polynesian The defender of mankind.
Alim Arabic wise, learned
Alison Old English The light of the sun. A boy or girl's name.
Alistair Scottish The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Alister Greek The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Allambee Aboriginal A quiet resting-place.
Allan Irish and Scottish Gaelic Harmony, or the cheerful handsome one.
Allard Old English Sacred, brave.
Allen Irish and Scottish Gaelic Handsome.
Alleyne Irish and Scottish Gaelic Harmony, or the cheerful handsome one.
Allighiero Italian A noble spear.
Allister Scottish The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Almo Old English Noble and famous.
Almon Hebrew Forsaken.
Alok Hindu
Alonso Spanish Noble and ready.
Aloysius Teutonic A famous warrior.
Alphonse Old German noble estate, eager
Alphonso Teutonic Noble and ready.
Alric German A ruler.
Alroy Irish Gaelic A redheaded boy.
Alston Old English From the old place.
Altair Arabic, Greek bird, star
Altman Teutonic An old wise man.
Alun Welsh Harmony, or the cheerful handsome one.
Alvah Hebrew The exalted one.
Alvin Teutonic Noble friend.
Alvis Old Norse All wise.
Alwan Teutonic A noble friend.
Alwin Teutonic Beloved by all.
Alwyn Teutonic A noble friend.
Amadeus Latin Love of God.
Amadi Nigerian general rejoicing, seemed destined to die at
Amado Latin loving deity
Amador Spanish lover
Amal Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: Hope. Hebrew: Work or labour.
Amar Hindu forever
Amaro Portuguese Dark, like a Moor.
Amaroo Aboriginal A beautiful place.
Amato Spanish beloved
Ambar Sanskrit Of the sky. A boy or girl's name.
Ambert Teutonic A bright, shining light.
Ambler Old English A stable-keeper.
Ambrose Greek Immortal.
Amery Teutonic Divine, or a famous ruler.
Amherst English place name
Amida Japanese The name of a Buddha.
Amiel Hebrew The Lord of my people.
Amiens From Shakespeare's play As You Like It.
Amin Arabic/Hebrew Honest and trustworthy.
Amir Arabic Princely.
Amiri Maori The east wind.
Amirov Hebrew My people are great.
Amistad Spanish friendship
Amit Hindu endless
Amitabh Hindu
Amitava Hindu
Ammon Egyptian Hidden. The name of an ancient god.
Amol Hindu
Amon Hebrew Trustworthy.
Amory Teutonic Divine, or a famous ruler.
Amos Hebrew The bearer of burdens. The name of an Old Testament prophet.
Amrit Sanskrit The immortal one.
Amsden Old English From the valley of Ambrose.
Amul Hindu
Amulya Hindu priceless
Amund Scandinavian Divine protection.
Anand Sanskrit Joyful.
Anant Hindu
Anastasius Greek Resurrection, one who shall rise again.
Anatole Greek From the east.
Anay Hindu
Ancel Teutonic Godlike.
Anders Scandinavian Scandinavian form of Andrew. Manly, courageous.
Anderson unknown Son of Andrew
Andreus Greek son of river peneius
Andrew Greek Manly, courageous.
Androcles Greek A man, and glory. A figure from Roman legend.
Aneurin Welsh Truly golden.
Ang Swedish
Angada Hindu a son of Lakshmana
Angelo Italian An angel or saintly messenger.
Angus Scottish Gaelic Unique strength, outstanding.
Angwyn Welsh Very handsome.
Anieli Greek manly
Anil Sanskrit Of the wind.
Anirudhh Hindu
Anish Hindu
Anjuman Hindu a party place (mehfil)
Anker Greek manly
Ankit Hindu
Ankur Hindu
Annan Celtic From the stream.
Anniruddha Hindu son of Pradyummna
Anno Hebrew Grace. The masculine form of Anne.
Anoke Native American The actor.
Anoki Native American an actor
Anoop Hindu incomparable, the best
Ansari Arabic A helper.
Anscom Old English A dweller in the secret valley.
Ansel Old French A nobleman's follower.
Anselm Teutonic A divine helmet. The name of a saint.
Anshul Hindu
Anshuman Hindu
Ansley Old English From the hermitage clearing.
Anson Old English The son of Anne or Agnes.
Anstice Russian from Greek The resurrected one. A boy or girl's name.
Antal Latin prince
Anthony Latin Worthy of praise.
Antigonus From Shakespeare's play Winter's Tale.
Antiochus From Shakespeare's play Pericles.
Antipholus From Shakespeare's play Comedy of Errors.
Anton German Worthy of praise.
Antoni Polish Worthy of praise.
Antonio Italian/Spanish Worthy of praise.
Anu The king of the gods in Babylonian mythology.
Anwar Arabic The bright one.
Anwell Celtic The beloved, dear one.
Anyon Celtic An anvil.
Apache The name of a North American Indian tribe.
Apari Aboriginal Father.
Apemantus From Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens.
Apollo Greek A beautiful youth. The God of music, poetry and healing in Greek mythology.
Apostolos Greek
Aquila Latin Like an eagle.
Ara Armenian/Latin Armenian: Kingly. Latin: An altar.
Araluen Aboriginal The place of waterlilies. A boy or girl's name.
Aram Assyrian high place
Aran Hebrew Active, nimble.
Arana Polynesian Polynesian form of Alan. Handsome.
Archard Teutonic Sacred and powerful.
Archer Old English A bowman.
Archibald Teutonic Very bold.
Archidamus From Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale.
Archie Very bold.
Arden Old English/Latin Old English: A dwelling place. Latin: Ardent and sincere. A boy or girl's name.
Ardley Old English From the meadow of the home-lover.
Ardolph Old English The wolf (a wanderer) who longs for home.
Ardon Hebrew bronze
Aren Nigerian eagle
Arend Dutch Dutch form of Arnold.
Ares Greek god of war
Argus Greek Watchful. A giant with a hundred eyes in Greek mythology.
Argyll Scottish Gaelic From the land of the Gaels. Also the name of a Scottish county.
Ari Hebrew A Lion.
Aric Old English A sacred ruler.
Aricin Norwegian the eternal kings son
Ariel Hebrew A lion of God.
Ariki Polynesian A chief.
Arion A figure from Greek mythology.
Aristedes Greek Descended from the best.
Aristo Greek best
Aristotle Greek A thinker. The name of a famous Greek philosopher.
Arizona The name of a State in the USA.
Arje Dutch Dutch form of Adrian.
Arjun Sanskrit The white one.
Arkin Norwegian the eternal king's son
Arkwright Old English A carpenter.
Arland Celtic pledge
Arlen Irish Gaelic A pledge.
Arley Old English From the hare or stag meadow.
Arlo Old English From the protected town or hill.
Armand French Of the army.
Armande French Of the army.
Armando Italian/Spanish Of the army.
Armen Armenian/Hebrew Armenian: A man from Armenia. Hebrew: A castle.
Armon Hebrew castle
Armstrong Old English A strong-armed warrior.
Arnall Teutonic A gracious eagle.
Arnaud Ruler of eagles.
Arne Dutch Eagle. Dutch form of Arnold.
Arnett French A little eagle.
Arnie Eagle.
Arnold Teutonic Strong as an eagle. A name introduced to England by the Normans.
Arnon Hebrew rushing stream
Aron Hebrew Exalted.
Aronne German/Italian Exalted.
Aroon Thai Of the dawn.
Arpiar Armenian sunny
Arran The name of a Scottish island. A boy or girl's name.
Arsen Greek strong
Arsenio Greek manly, virile
Art Celtic A rock.
Arthur Celtic A follower of Thor and strong as a bear.
Arthus Welsh bear hero, a rock
Artie Celtic A follower of Thor.
Arty A follower of Thor.
Aruiragus From Shakespeare's play Cymbeline.
Arun Sanskrit The dawn.
Arundel Old English He who dwells with the eagles.
Arunta Aboriginal A white cockatoo.
Arvad Hebrew The wanderer.
Arval Latin From the cultivated land.
Arvin Teutonic A friend of the people.
Arvind Hindu
Arviragus From Shakespeare's play Cymbeline.
Arwin young, prince
Asa Hebrew/Japansese Hebrew: The healer, a physician. A biblical name. Japanese: The morning. A boy or girl's name.
Ascot Old English One who lives in the East cottage.
Aseem Hindu
Ash Blessed, happy.
Ashburn Old English From the brook by the Ash tree.
Ashby Old English A farm by the Ash tree.
Asher Hebrew Blessed, happy.
Ashford Old English One who lives at the ford by the Ash tree.
Ashish Hindu blessings
Ashliegh Old English From the Ash tree.
Ashlin Old English A dweller by the Ash tree pool.
Ashok Sanskrit Without sadness.
Ashon Ghanese seventh-born son
Ashraf Arabic Honourable.
Ashton Old English One who lives at the Ash tree farm.
Ashur Hebrew Black.
Ashutosh Hindu
Ashwin Hindu strong horse
Ashwini Hindu
Asija Hindu a great sage, brother of Brihaspati
Asim Arabic The protector.
Askel Norse A divine cauldron.
Aslak Norse Divine sport.
Asparouh Bulgarian Paro, Pouro
Astin unknown strong Leader, trustworthy
Aston Old English From the eastern place.
Asuman Hindu lord of vital breaths
Asvathama Hindu sun of drona
Asvin Hindu (Nasatya and Dasra) gods of medicine
Aswad Arabic Black.
Aswin Old English A spear comrade or protector.
Asztrik Hungarian made from ashenwood
Atalik Hungarian Like his father.
Atarah Hebrew A crown. A boy or girl's name.
Atawn Welsh Harmony. Can be used as a form of Alan.
Athan Greek immortal
Atharvan Hindu knower of the Arthara vedas
Athelstan Old English A noble stone. The name of an early English king.
Atherol Old English dweller at the spring farm
Atherton Old English One who lives at the spring farm.
Athol Scottish Gaelic New Ireland. A placename.
Athos Greek An alternative name for Zeus, the ruler of the heavens.
Atilla Hungarian beloved father
Atiu Polynesian The eldest.
Atlas Greek A mythological demigod who supported the sky on his shoulders.
Atley Old English From the meadow.
Atmajyoti Hindu light of Atma
Atman Hindu the self
Atrayl Tray
Atrus Atrius
Attila The warlike king of the Huns.
Attis Greek handsome boy
Atul Hindu
Atulya Hindu
Atwater Old English One who hides by the water.
Atwell Old English A dweller by the spring.
Atworth Old English From the farm.
Auberon Teutonic Noble.
Aubert French Noble and illustrious.
Aubin French Fair complexioned. A saint's name.
Aubrey Teutonic The golden-haired ruler of the elves.
Auburn Latin fair
Audric French An old, wise ruler.
Audun Norwegian deserted
Augustine Latin Belonging to Augustus. Venerable, the exalted one.
Augustus Latin Venerable, the exalted one. The name of the first great roman emperor.
Aurek Polish golden-haired
Aurelio Latin gold
Aurelius Latin The golden one.
Austell The name of a Cornish Saint.
Austen Modern form of Augustine. Venerable, the exalted one.
Austin Modern form of Augustine. Venerable, the exalted one.
Autolucus From Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale.
Avan Hebrew Proud.
Avel Greek/Hebrew/Russian Breath. A boy or girl's name.
Avenall Old French A dweller in the Oat field.
Averell Old English The slayer of the boar.
Averill Old English boar-warrior
Avery Old English The ruler of the elves. A boy or girl's name.
Avinash Hindu
Aviv Hebrew Of the springtime.
Avner Hebrew The father of light. A biblical name.
Avon The name of an English county, and rivers in England and New Zealand.
Avram Greek The father of many.
Avrom Hebrew The father of many.
Axel Teutonic from Hebrew Source of all life.
Axton Old English The stone of the sword wielder.
Ayer Old French An heir.
Ayhner Old English Noble and famous.
Aylward Old English An awe-inspiring guardian.
Aylwin Teutonic A noble friend.
Ayush Hindu
Azariah Hebrew He whom the Lord helps.
Azi Nigerian A youth.
Azim Arabic Grand.
Aziz Arabic The powerful one.
Azriel Hebrew An angel of the Lord.
Azzan Hebrew Very strong.

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